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How can The Fast Track Team Help YouThank you for taking the time out to check our website!Fast Track Your Online Success is run by three committed entrepreneurs who have a range of experience in building Internet Solutions for Working from Home.Our journey together started in March 2011 at a seminar in London. Since then we’ve been working together remotely as we are not exactly close neighbours!Audur lives in Greater London, Jane in Manchester and Kath in Birmingham. But it’s meant that we’ve got very good at it and know how to work in the cloud ;-). So we can say that we practise what we teach!

Our combined experience online is over 15 years. We just love the technology, and that’s why we are such a great team.

We also know that starting an online business can be hard because of all the information out there. So our mission is to help YOU to succeed online without having information overload!

Between us we have extensive knowledge of:

  • Social Media
  • List Building
  • Giveaways and Ad Swaps
  • Autoresponders
  • Video Creation
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress
  • Domain names and Hosting
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Driving Traffic
  • Outsourcing

Who are we?

Audur has diploma in Marketing and Export from the University of Iceland. She speaks Icelandic, English, some Danish and German. Since moving to the UK in 2002 she’s been a stay at home mum but used the time well to learn about Internet Marketing and Social Media, so she’s in a good position to help others.

Kath graduated in Computer Science and a Pharmacology which led on to jointly setting up a UK company with a multi-million pound profit. It specialised in medical IT and employed 150 people, many of whom are still employed there today. She did this for 12 years and now works in Internet Marketing and training, from home, so is able to combine this role with being a stay at home mum.

There are no magic bullets in internet marketing and it is very clear that it takes work and dedication but I’d like to be part of helping others to find a way to achieve rapid results.
Kath Ibbetson 

Jane studied Psychology at Birmingham University, completed a PGCE and taught for a number of years before moving into advertising as copywriter for a London agency. She then set up a design and communications consultancy in the West Country.

As well as a committed Internet Marketer, she describes herself as an ’Online Communicator and Coach’. This is thanks to over 20 years’ copywriting, experience in teaching, coaching and mediation, and her love of Social Media.

When you’re a natural teacher and communicator, it’s the best gift there is to be able to help people in an environment you’re committed to. And that’s why I feel so lucky to be part of the Fast Track Team.
Jane Howitt 

Well, enough about us! This site is about YOU and how we can help you to reach your goals building up your online business. If you want to run an online business you need to have a list of email subscribers because “the money is in the list!” So to get you going with building your own, click here and get your copy of our eBook “Using Giveaways to Fast Track Your List Building”

Keep in mind that you can run a Giveaway in every niche. It doesn’t have to be Internet Marketing!

To Your Online Success :-)

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