Tips when using Facebook tips for your business:

  1. Be careful not to create more than one Facebook personal profile – it’s against their TOS and can lead to confusion when people add you. You can have as many pages as you want for different things.
  2. Instead of having the URL full of letters and numbers you can set your own.  This acts as your domain which you can use for business cards, emails etc. As an example our page’s URL is http://www.Facebook.com/FastTrackYourOnlineSuccess in fact you can reduce it even further to http://www.Fb.com/FastTrackYourOnlineSuccess or even http://www.Fb.me/FastTrackYourOnlineSuccess
    You can change the username either by clicking here or go to your page and in the admin panel, select Edit Page – Basic Information – Username.
  3. You probably send an email every day so it’s important that you build awareness about your Facebook page in your email signature by include a hyperlink to your fan page. This is a very non-invasive way to create curiosity in what you are doing or what you offer. You can put more links than just your Facebook page like your website, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever for people to have a look. Over time this can increase your fan base. Use a capital letter at the beginning of each word in your domain name. It makes it much easier for people to read.
  4. We suggest that you have at least 2 administrators on your page. If for any reason you cannot get into your page, you’ll still be able to access it via the other admin. You can set how much access each admin has, bu make sure that the other admins are someone you trust.

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