Viber – FREE App to Make Local or International Calls

Viber-Free app for phones to make local and international callsI thought I should make a post about this app as I use it all the time! With most of my family living in Iceland this app is brilliant and gives me the chance to make a phone call or send a text to them for free. If you’ve got an iPhone or Android you can install it FREE and it’s called Viber. It might be coming soon for Windows phones, read more here

We all want to save money on charges for international and local calls and that’s were Viber comes in handy :-) If you already know about this app and are using it, brilliant! But this post might help some of you out there!

The Viber app allows iPhone and Android users to make FREE phone calls and texts to each other, either with a 3G connection or Wi-Fi connection with no complexity at all. Once two iPhone/Android users have the app installed on their phones and their numbers are present in each other’s contact lists you can start using it. After installation Viber determines who on your contact list is using Viber and a Viber icon appears alongside their name.

Installation is Free

In the App store or Android market search for Viber and install. Then register your phone number and you receive immediately an SMS/text message with a code. You simply enter this code into Viber and that’s it! You are good to go.

How it works

It’s very simple to use. Instead of using your iPhone’s phone app, you use the purple Viber App instead.  If you’ve finished the registration Viber has automatically detected who of your contacts are using Viber. Watch the video below to see how it works

I hope this was helpful. Please share this post and tell your friends about Viber :-)

Happy chatting!



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